welcoming our neighbours

As part of our parish vision we want to make our church more accessible - to be a place of practical compassion serving those in greatest need.

  • We want to develop our kitchen and south-west meeting room into a place of hospitality. We are working with “Meals on Heels” - a social enterprise led by local Muslim women, seeking to create jobs and launch a monthly “Open Table” evening, where rich and poor, homeless and housed can eat together.
  • Members of the church have been involved in protests against the Jack the Ripper Museum which opened in our parish last year. (It secured planning permission by promising to tell the story of East London’s women). We have worked with women from across the community to produce a real exhibition of east end women’s history. It is open in church all day, every day.
  • We are fundraising to make the building accessible to people with disabilities (including a lift, disabled toilet and sound system with
    hearing loop), and exploring other ways the layout of the church could be more accessible and flexible.

our parish prayer

Loving Father,
we thank you for calling us
to be a beacon of
Christ’s light
on the Highway.
For the sake of
our neighbours
and community,
inspire us to shine
with the light of
your welcome,
your forgiveness,
your challenge
and your healing love;
in Jesus’ name.

written by members of the church